Resnauv in Doom text.

Why you diggin' into my past?

Previous Updates

1/4/24 (1:34AM): Played Doom on stream tonight and some homies raided me. Started with the Ultimate Doom and got through Episode 1 and 2. It was fun fighting the Cyberdemon again. Most likely continuing 3 and 4 tomorrow.

(1:20PM): I've changed the design of this website to make it simpler and focus on the content. It will change a million more times, I'm sure. I am rewatching Tenchi Muyo and catching up on what I haven't seen. I plan to start my big boomer shooter campaign on Twitch tonight, where I'll be playing a lot of old FPS's and their mods. I think the first thing I will do though is play through the base games of Doom, starting from Ultimate to Doom 64.

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