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Resnauv performing live.

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My Live Performance Setup

Below is some of the essential equipment I use along with some information on how I use them.

Boss Loop Station RC-505 MKII Loop Station  This is the centerpiece of my live set-up. All audio sources (usually just a microphone) and my effects feed into it, and it looped through it. It has a lot of effects, but I still prefer to use effects pedals.
Shure Beta 58A When I first started I was using a Behringer XM8500 mic. It had a good sound, but I bumped it one time and it fell apart on me. I knew if I didn't want that problem I had to get the industry standard. This is the 58A, which has a bit of a brighter sound compared to the Shure 58.
ProCo RAT 2 Distortion Pedal RAT 2 Pedal I like to put distortion on my voice and act like it's a guitar. The cool thing about this guitar pedal is on low distortion it sounds like a light overdrive. Mid distortion it has the kind of distortion sound you'd expect. And at full distortion it's straight-up fuzz.
Boss Equalizer GE-7 I change the eq of my sounds on the fly pretty often, boosting the low end for bass or mid range for my voice to cut through. It's so important, but can be a little tedious. I may switch to a digital EQ pedal with presets soon instead.
Digitech Whammy This pedal is pretty big. I actually wish I could just chop the pedal part off of it. I use this to do pitch effects, such as lowering my voice an octave for a bass sound. I was using a smaller pedal than this before called a Pitch Fork, but this has a much better quality sound.

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